A Learner Centered
Approach to Yoga

What's New
  • Tue 6pm L2 class has 4 spots left
  • Winter registration is now OPEN


At BIM lessons are taught progressively in a Level System. Each class you participate in is designed to cover a particular criteria of yoga postures and breathing techniques.


Registration is made easy, just select the level and time you wish to register for. Online payment is available, or alternately you may bring a cheque or cash to the office.


We are a Registered Yoga School offering a 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification based on the scientific principles of the Breathe Into Motion Yoga System.

Class Schedule

Mon 90min classes
  • 9:30am Level 4
  • 6:00pm Level 1
  • 7:30pm Level 4
Tue 90min classes
  • 9:30am Level 2
  • 6:00pm Level 2
  • 7:30pm Level 3
Wed 90min classes
  • 9:30am Level 1
  • 6:00pm Level 1
  • 7:30pm Level 4
Thu 90min classes
  • 6:00pm Level 2
  • 7:30pm Level 3
Fri 90min classes
  • 9:30am Level 3
  • 6:00pm Level 1
  • 7:30pm Level 2
Sat 180min class
  • 9:30am Level 5
  • Selected Dates
  • TBA
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