On this ‘Family Day’ I wanted to express how important it is to recognize an underlying quality built into yoga practice… yoga is meant to be playful. Our studio guests embody this notion. Danny Paradise is a world-wide yoga icon who has offered many workshops at our studio over the years. Danny exemplifies the playfulness that characterizes the essence of yoga practice. Famed yogi Eoin Finn has visited our studio holding three workshops here. Eoin most certainly teaches with a playful attitude. Amazing yoga teacher Angela Jamison has been to Breathe Into Motion Yoga Studios on three different occasions, and each time offered her playful perspective on the Astanga Vinyasa tradition.

If these celebrated yogis see yoga as something playful then we should feel permitted to embrace yoga as play for the grown-ups. I would like to think that my contribution in furthering this cause can be experienced in my classes when I offer what has been described as “cheesy, yet funny jokes.”

If you think of the names of yoga postures you might have already recognized that we are emulating an eagle, a tree, or a camel in what might be compared to a game of charades. How many times in our lives as adults do we get a chance to do this on a regular basis? Perhaps we need to practice the playfulness of yoga more often to experience the pure joy in life.

Practicing yoga as a family can be exhilarating for the kids, since children are experts at yoga. Not only do the kiddies have the physical capacity to be yogis but they also have a built-in understanding of play. We grown-ups can learn a lot about yoga practice through their eyes.

For many years I’ve taught yoga at both grade schools and high schools, and many students mentioned they began to practice yoga with a parent, sibling or the whole family. The inspiration of yoga brought families together to have genuine fun. I’m so grateful to have been given the chance to offer yoga as the catalyst for family bonding.

We have many families that attend classes together here at BIM. It is a delight to know that yoga practice can be enjoyed by all in the family. There is something really special about the kin folk sharing their mutual joy for yoga.

Take the story of Jessica who comes to class weekly. She has dragged her mom, sister, uncle and cousins to class, and I am told they all have had fun coming to the studio. I can’t take credit for all of this enjoyment since yoga simply is a fun activity. I feel it is my job to frame yoga in its true essence… ‘Yoga is play for the grown-ups!

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