Looking back at the opportunities I have been so blessed to have often leaves me saying, “Pinch me, I must be dreaming!” The past couple of months have been no exception. Recently I received the prestigious honor of being granted Certified Yoga Therapist status with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

It’s been so exciting to be part of this amazing community here in Cambridge, and to have met so many students who have found yoga to be helpful as support for their injury rehabilitation. I have witnessed student’s knee problems, back injuries, and shoulder troubles resolve themselves with the particular method of yoga instruction we offer here at BIM. There are no words to describe how rewarding it is to see students get better.

Knowing so many in our local medical community have referred patients here gives me assurance that the approach to yoga that I advocate has been helping. In June a physician contacted me in an email and said, “You come highly recommended as a skilled, knowledgeable allied health professional,” and although I replied, “I am not sure that I can call myself a health professional,” I was incredibly honored. It is my utmost intention to continue to offer the highest standard of care that I possibly can through the BIM Yoga System.

Another recent development that most certainly qualifies as a “pinch me… I must be dreaming!” moment was to have a Swami, who was sent to North America by his guru, take the BIM Yoga Teacher Training course. He told me he decided to come to our studio for the knowledge he would gain in anatomy (he had plenty of knowledge of other aspects of yoga). I was thrilled that he chose BIM Yoga Teacher Training, and he now holds a 200hr RYT Yoga Alliance Certification from our studio. Although, as I said to you on several occasions Swami, “I’m not fit to carry your sandles,” I am most grateful to have learned from you.

We have had another recent addition to our Breathe Into Motion Studios, and I would like to introduce Professional Ballerina Petra Biro as part of our family here. Petra, I am so incredibly honored to have recently graduated you in our BIM Teacher Training program, and it’s good to know the BIM Yoga System has been challenging for you because it’s difficult for ol’ grandpa here to keep up with you. It is a “pinch me… I must be dreaming moment!” to have successfully launched two sets of graduates and each one of you has enriched my life. Thanks Erica, Lindsay, Melissa, Swami Dada, Laura, Adla, Darrien, Tammy, Tika, Niki, Darien, Petra, Heni, Gwyn and Stephanie.

The Certified Professional Trainers Network is a highly regarded fitness organization. Top academia in the fitness and medical world have offered to be part of their Annual CPTN Conference. Through CPTN I have been fortunate to have taken courses from iconic and world renowned trainers such as Karsten Jensen and Trevor Cottrell, certified as a CPTN Post Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist under decorated Athletic Therapist Kevin Duguay, and certified as a CPTN Yoga Specialist under one of my yoga mentors Caron Shepley. In a ‘pinch me… I must be dreaming!’ moment I found myself conducting the CPTN Yoga Specialist course after Caron had generously passed the reins to me back in 2012. Thank you so much for this opportunity Caron.

In 2015 I was blown away to be called up to the stage at the CPTN Conference to receive the Distinction of Merit as a Certified Personal Trainer. This was the culmination of many years of working in the fitness field as a presenter, course conductor, trainer and yoga teacher. To be recognized for this by CPTN President Dr. Susan Lee, PhD, and CPTN Chair – Conference, Education and Information Services Lucinda Jensen, BPE (Hons) was a ‘pinch me… I must be dreaming!’ moment to be sure.

Dr. Stuart McGill is a local academic icon who published a book that is the quintessential back injury resource called, ‘Low Back Disorders.’ It is the resource I have used extensively to ensure the yoga practice here at BIM has an appropriate standard of care for those who are dealing with back issues. Certainly the risk factors are high for aggravating back injuries when there is no understanding of the differences between the various types of spinal problems; spondylolisthesis is very different from an intervertebral disk herniation. So you can imagine how thrilled I was in another ‘pinch me… I must be dreaming!’ moment when I found myself presenting at the 2015 Certified Professional Trainers Network Conference at the same time Dr. McGill was presenting. I apologize for interrupting your lunch to ask you to sign your book Dr. McGill, and I thank you for taking the time to speak with me.

I’ve been exceptionally fortunate to have participated in a Thomas Myers course back in 2007. Thomas Myers is the author of ‘Anatomy Trains,’ which is for me a beloved masterpiece about the implications of the body’s most prevalent tissue, fascia. He is a long time student of his mentor Ida Rolph who is responsible for the form of body working known as ‘Rolphing.’ I have applied his research to understand how yoga impacts fascia, and it has been exceptionally helpful in understanding the lines of pull throughout the body while practicing yoga. In yet another ‘pinch me… I must be dreaming!’ moment in 2013 I was presenting at the Certified Professional Trainers Network Conference at the same time Thomas Myers was presenting and had lunch with him along with his staff and the CPTN staff.

Back in 2008 (has it really been almost a decade now?) I met iconic Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga masters David Williams, Danny Paradise and David Swenson at the Ashtanga Mela held in the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts. This was an amazing week long opportunity to learn from 3 of the world’s greatest yoga masters with morning Primary and Intermediate Series classes, afternoon Pranayama classes and evening lectures with Q & A. Then I attended the last Ashtanga Mela with David, Danny and David again in 2010. This was life changing stuff and I would have to say, very much a ‘pinch me… I must be dreaming!’ moment.

When I opened the Breathe Into Motion Yoga Studios it was in itself a ‘pinch me… I must be dreaming!’ moment, with the opportunities to offer fundraisers to help wonderful causes and to host workshops. What I couldn’t imagine when I first opened the studio was that we would host Danny Paradise over a half dozen times as our studio guest. We love you Danny and thanks so much for dropping by to deliver an awesome workshop last year!

I couldn’t have imagined we would have the famed yogi Eoin Finn offer 3 amazing workshops at the studio. It was such an honor Eoin. I also couldn’t have imagined the elite Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher Angela Jamison would make the trip on three separate occasions from Ann Arbor Michigan to grace us with her fantastic workshops. We are truly blessed to have had you visit Angela. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what a ‘pinch me… I must be dreaming!’ moment it was to have Caron Shepley my original yoga mentor teach a workshop at my very own studio. Thank you so very much Caron.

Finally, and most importantly, I have a daily “pinch me… I must be dreaming!” moment when I think of how lucky I am now, and have been for years, to have the greatest staff that hold the pieces together at Breathe Into Motion. Thanks Heni and Kim for all you do now and have done. Thanks to Janis and Sue for all the help along the way. Big thanks to the volunteers, Barb, Victoria, Jill & John, Colleen & Matthew. I mean this in the truest sense, ‘My cup runneth over.’

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