link.png Alignment Based Yoga

I am an advocate for alignment-based yoga and feel strongly about practicing yoga postures within a set of general alignment principles.

link.png When can Yoga go wrong?

I was re-reading an article that showed up in The Globe & Mail Oct. 10, 2009 on injuries occurring in yoga classes.

link.png Balance the Bowl

Back in late July and early August 2016 I wrote some blogs on how to protect the spine when forward bending, ‘Extend Before You Bend,’ back bending, ‘Tuck Your Tail,’ and twisting, ‘Preserve Your Curves.’ Each blog offered a protocol of protection for the spine depending on the type of yoga posture practiced and some science to back up my reasoning. In the case of the protocol involving protection of the spine during back bending the phrase ‘tuck your tailbone’ has been met by some controversy.

link.png The Hip Health Controversy in Yoga

When the William Broad book, ‘The Science of Yoga,’ hit the bookstores in 2012 I felt vindicated for the prior two decades of dedication to improved safety standards in yoga class, and many of my students have expressed to me that we are way ahead of the curve when it comes to appropriate standard of care.

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