link.png Where you look: Drishti

It seems the ancient sages who practiced yoga thought of everything, even where you look when practicing yoga poses.

link.png Same Thing, Different Day: Samskara

There is a human behavior that lies beneath our conscious awareness producing the effect, ‘same thing, different day.’ In the world of yoga this is known by the Sanskrit term Samskara.

link.png ​Bhakti Yoga at Easter

Historically yoga has been woven into the fabric of many religions, but is not in itself a religion.

link.png Letting Go : Vairagya

On the weekend I had the distinct privilege of taking two courses from iconic trainer Karsten Jensen. The courses were on exercise science and were certainly eye-opening.

link.png Be gentle with yourself!

In this week’s blog I would like to offer a personal story that I hope will instill a perspective from which yoga practice can flourish.

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