link.png I will leave the studio feeling better than when I arrived

I have been telling students for years now, “The most important thing about practicing yoga at Breathe Into Motion is to leave the studio feeling better than when you arrived. It doesn’t matter that you performed some yoga contortion, but the important issue is to practice yoga in a way that will emphasize health.”

link.png I just wanted to try!

Lowering the risk of injury when performing yoga postures requires that practitioners have an open mind and some common sense. I must admit when I was beginning my practice years ago I had very little common sense or an open mind. The deep seeded need to achieve the next posture led to many injuries and left me thinking, ‘I wish I hadn’t done that,’ and ‘I just wanted to try.’

link.png I really wish I hadn’t done that!

We have all had that awful feeling that we just made a mistake. I can remember plenty of times when I first started practicing yoga, enduring an injury and then thinking afterwards, “I really wish I hadn’t done that!” I would like to think that now, as a seasoned yoga practitioner and teacher, I have put those days behind me (although truth be told, from time to time I still fall into the trap).

link.png How does Yoga help injury recovery?

Many inquiries have come into the studio on how our yoga works to help in recovery from injury, and that we have an excellent reputation for this at Breathe Into Motion Yoga Studios. Certainly there is a unique approach in how our classes are designed, and this accounts for our success in helping students to overcome injury.

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