link.png Om Canada

As Canada Day approaches I’ve been thinking about how Canadians are collectively known as peaceful, nice people, who have adopted a cultural mosaic as a model for the country.

link.png Hot-Enough Yoga

As a follow up to last week’s blog ‘Earn the Heat!’ I thought I might offer some more insight on what temperature is appropriate to practice intense forms of yoga.

link.png Earn the Heat!

A lot of students have asked me about why studios offer yoga practiced in intense heat, and I feel that I can offer some clarity on this subject. Yoga practiced in a heated room was the invention of Bikram Choudhury who popularized it in California in the 1960’s. Hollywood’s stars such as Shirley MacLaine started to become devoted students of Bikram Choudhury.

link.png Out of the Chair Yoga

There is a increasingly popular trend in the yoga world called chair yoga… but I would have to say that for many years I have been teaching something I believe to be even more effective I call, ‘out of the chair yoga.’ It might be surprising for some to hear that initially all the beginner students at Breathe Into Motion Yoga Studios start their first class sitting in a chair while I sort out who has injuries, and start to formulate individualized exercise prescriptions through yoga posture modifications and variations.

link.png Knowledge is Power

I have been known to offer what I call lecturettes in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics when teaching yoga classes. My feeling is informing students about the biology of yoga practice will give them the power to heal themselves. As students learn about customizing the postures for their particular health needs an exercise prescription can be formulated.

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